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What happens when your website goes live? Hope will you drive traffic to your site? Just hoping for the best and word of mouth won’t be enough these days. You need a plan and a budget to ensure you are steadily increasing traffic. We will design a custom plan based on the style and needs of your business.


There are many options for you to consider:


Bonnie Evans Graphics Strategic Marketing Team will consider each of these options and come up with a marketing plan that will optimize your digital marketing potential as well as put this plan into action while you focus on your sales.

Content Writing

Content contained in your e-mails, advertising campaigns, social media posts, blogs, press releases, website and anything your business does that reached the internet needs to be optimized to contain keywords that compare with your competitors and ultimately increase your rankings. You will need a researched and planned approach so that search engines will index your content in a way that it is delivered to users appropriately to increase your sales. We will build this for you so that you have no need to worry about your content slipping through the cracks.

Email Marketing

There are many ways to create and send emails to your customers, but what is the best way to gather email addresses for your list and how do you send emails that will be clicked and directly or indirectly result in sales? That’s where our expert help comes in. We will create content that users will interact with and track this so you know what content works the best and what users are most interested in buying.

Email Marketing Services

Graphic Design

Having compelling images that are up to date and designed to draw users in is critical in having successful marketing campaigns. This requires time, skill, the latest software and tons of market research. Do you have time for all that? I didn’t think so. Your business needs your time and energy to leave this to us. Not to mention these graphics are required for social media, website content, newsletters and email as well as print flyers, signs, etc. Check out the gallery to see some work.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are a lot of steps involved in making a website optimized for search engines and your content is by far the most important. Writing and editing content for SEO requires knowledge and skill and the code that’s embedded must be up to date with the latest Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. standards. But that is not all. Let our experts set it up for you and consult you in best practices.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing is a great way to reach potential customers and create a following for your business. Creating compelling content that will draw users in and get them interacting can be challenging and time consuming. We have proven software, skill, research and protocol that will give your business a jump start and allow you to grow steadily without spending all your time gathering, thinking of and creating content for your profiles.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

When you have a significant amount of competition in your market, paid advertising or PPC with Google or Bing search engines can shoot your business right to the top of the page. Yet, be prepared because your ad must out bid, out rank and be optimally built in order to make the most of your money, be visible to potential customers and finally get clicks. With proven results, we will get your ad runs and being clicked while out bidding your competitors within your budget.

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